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 Uxbridge - Master Keyver head instructor of Taekwondo North, recently received his 5th Dan Kukkiwon certificate at a special presentation ceremony. The presentation was presided over by Grand Master Park, who holds the highest rank in Taekwondo in Canada. In his presentation speech Grand Master Park  emphasized the dedication Master Keyver has shown to teaching strong traditional values to famalies and to children in particular. He also thanked Master Keyver for his outstanding commitment in advancing Taekwondo in the Uxbridge community. 

 July 2000





   September 1997



Taekwondo Demonstration Uxbridge Fall Fair - September 1996 


 Master Jay Keyver Opens Taekwondo North -                    Uxbridge & Newmarket in the Summer of 1996


  Taekwondo North Founder Members - August 1996