Chang Moo Kwan is a Korean martial arts group that                  was founded by Lee Nam Suk and Kim Soon Bae.

                      President GM Kim Joong Young                                                                    2009 - Current






When translating into English, Chang Moo Kwan can have different meanings. A literal translation is as follows: Chang means to create or develop, Moo translates to martial  arts, and Kwan to house.




                               President Kim Soon Bae                                                                             1982 - 2009







At the end of World War II, several Kwans were set up to teach martial arts to Korean public. In the late 1950s, these Kwans united to form what was to become known as Korea Taekwondo Association and formed the universal Korean martial art known as Taekwondo.


                           President GM Lee Nam Suk                                                                            1954 - 1982






      *All pictures courtesy of World Taekwondo Changmookwan  Federation