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Invitation To Visit Taekwondo School In Germany 

Master Keyver was delighted to receive an invitaion to travel to Germany and visit Master Sahak and his                     students at his Taekwondo school in Paderborn. Both Master Keyver and Master Sahak have had a long                association through Taekwondo and the opportunity to meet again after 18 years was one of special                     significance. The warm welcome extended to Master Keyver was indeed enthusiastic and very heart felt.

During the vist there was a Taekwondo demonstartion by the students and after Master Keyver was invited                         to take the students for special Taekwondo training. The visit was without doubt enjoyed by all. Following                             the respective presentations Master Keyver wished Master Sahak and his students every continued success                     for their Taekwondo school. It is hoped the next opportunity for Master Keyver and Master Sahak to meet                         again will not be as many years in the making. 

November 2010


 Uxbridge - Four students at Taekwondo North are now proud holders of black belts. Master Keyver- 6th Dan  presented Paul Rizzuto and Matthew Rizzuto their 1st Poom (junior black belt) and Derrrick Bond and Heinz Grassinger their 2nd Dan black belts. To earn their belts the students had to pass a black belt promotion test in which they demonstrated Taekwondo forms, practical self-defence, Olympic style sparring and dynamic power breaking with wooden boards. The presentation was held at the Uxpool, the home of Taekwondo North. 

 May 2010






Special Certificate of Merit Awarded to Master Keyver 

Uxbridge - Master Keyver head instructor of Taekwondo North, recently received his 6th Dan promotion at a special presentation ceremony.

The presentation was presided over by Grand Master Park, who holds the highest rank in Taekwondo in Canada. Grand Master Park also presented Master Keyver with a rare certificate of merit. This certificate of merit was awarded in recognition of a life time commitment to Taekwondo.

In his presentation speech, Grand Master Park thanked Master Keyver for his outstanding commitment over three decades and for special services in advancing Taekwondo in the communities of Uxbridge and Newmarket. He also emphasized the dedication Master Keyver has shown to teaching strong traditional Taekwondo values to families and their children in particular.

Master Keyver and his students are currently celebrating their 10th anniversary at the Uxpool, the home of Taekwondo North in Uxbridge. Special events have been planned throughout the year as part of the celebrations. For further information on these events call 905-852-6620.

February 2006



Taekwondo North celebrates 10th anniversary               with Open House.