Master Jay Keyver honoured for 15 years of dedication.


Uxbridge, Ontario - Taekwondo North students gathered to help Master Keyver celebrate             15 years at the heart of the community.

There was a strong showing of students and parents at the event to honour and present Master Keyver with a scrapbook, personally created by them, to show their respect and appreciation for his many years of dedication and commitment to the school and its members.

Following the presentation students of all ages and belt levels demonstrated the skills they developed during their years of training under the leadership and guidance of Master Keyver. The demonstration included forms, self defence, kicking and breaking techniques.

The special event concluded with an address from Master Keyver to the members. He pointed out the rich history of the school, encouraged them to hold on to their foundation and training in the traditional values of Taekwondo. His final gesture was to honour Grand Master Sam Park by presenting him with a plaque and expressing his deep appreciation for his many years of guidance.

A black belt open house was held the following day in Master Keyver's honour. During the past 15 years more than 40 students received their black belts under his leadership. Many of those students came from near and far to express their appreciation and wish him well. Phone calls came in from those who could not make it in person and a former teenage student, at college in England, tuned into the event through Skype. The biggest surprise was the arrival of his daughter, as she flew in from the UK to congratulate him.

In his honour, a Canadian maple tree will be planted at the Uxpool, symbolic of Master Keyver's taekwondo journey in Uxbridge.

Though Master Keyver has stepped out of Taekwondo North, he will remain in the community in the hearts of those whose lives he has influenced and touched through his dedication and passion for taekwondo.

April 2nd & 3rd 2011


 Uxbridge, Ontario - Family, friends and students gathered to help Master Keyver celebrate        his 7th Dan Kukkiwon promotion.


Planted Uxpool May 17th 2011

5th Anniversary May 17th 2016



         Uxbridge, Ontario, Canada