Dollyo Chagi – Turning Kick 

Sometimes referred as a ‘roundhouse’ and is one of the most versatile Taekwondo kicks.

- the knee of the kicking leg is raised.

- simultaneously rotate the body and kicking leg forward.

- as the body rotates extend the leg in a snapping motion towards the target.

- the upper body is kept upright and in line with the extended leg

- contact is made with the ball of the foot or the instep.

- the target area is the face or midsection.


Huryeo Chagi – Thrashing Kick

The execution of this kick closely resembles the hooking kick.

- the kicking leg is lifted with the hip turned towards the target.

- the leg is thrust forward and upwards

- position the outstretched leg so it extends to the far side of the target.

- the outstretched leg is then bent rapidly inwards in a hooking motion.

- contact is made with the back heel or the sole of the foot.

- the target area is the head.