Pyojeok Chagi – Target Kick

This kick originates from outside the body.

- the rear leg is raised upwards and inwards in an arc.

- the leg should be kept straight.

- at the highest point of the arc sweep the leg inside across the target.

- the point of impact should be at the apex of the arc.

- contact is made with the reverse footsword.

- the target area is the head.

This kick can be used in the opposite direction, with the leg swinging in an arc from inside to outside. Contact is made with the footsword.



Naeryo Chagi – Downward Kick

This kick requires greater flexibility and difficulty can arise in maintaining balance.

- the back kicking leg is swept across and in front of the body.

- the leg is then raised directly upwards above the target.

- keep the kicking leg as straight as possible.

- at the apex the straightened leg is brought down onto the target.

- contact is made with the back heel or the sole of the foot.

- the target area is the head or shoulders.